Recruitment procedures

The Steering Committee is in charge of preparing recruitment and ensuring gender equality, while a final decision is made by the Supervisory Board. Recruiting and retaining high-quality young scientists is critical to the success of ZIP. A transparent, open, equal and internationally accepted recruitment process of the research fellows is based on the principle of the Charter of Researchers and the Code of Conduct for their recruitment.

Candidates will submit their CV, a letter of application (1-2 pages, explaining the reasons for the candidates’ interest in the position, its vision of the project and the scientific objectives, and their most relevant skills or experiences for the job), two letters of reference (describing the candidates’ learning, research and communication skills, independence and motivation), and academic credentials (mark sheets and degree statements for ESR positions, degree statements only for ER positions) through an online application facility hosted at the ZIP website.

At the end of the deadline, all eligible applications will be sent to the two main supervisors of each project. They will generate long and short lists (particularly thorough for ERs) based on overall scientific potential, mobility experience and public awareness. Short-listed candidates will be invited for a personal interview while the others will be informed about the failure of their application. Scores and supervisors’ comments will be collected by ZIP SC highlighting the most appreciated applications. The Supervisory board will verify the accuracy of the recruitment process. Once a consensus is reached, the ranking and comments will be recorded. After the selection, all short-listed applicants will be informed about the strengths and weaknesses of their application. If no satisfactory candidates are found for a given project after the first call for positions, the empty position will be re-advertised following the same rules and procedures.

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