“ZIPPOs” (ZIP Public Outreach) are meant to reach  non partner, Universities, private and public companies and schools with the aim to inform the general public. We aim at developing a major sensibility to geological areas affected by subduction zone processes and a better understanding and awareness of risk-prone subduction zones (ie tsunamis, mega-earthquakes, warning systems, volcanic eruptions). Since all devastating effects related to subduction zones are driven by internal dynamic processes, a major outreach of our project will be disclosing the people the energy release and fluid-related mass transfer occurring in the inner parts (down to 150 Km depth) of our planet.

A ZIP@school event was organized by Timm John and his colleagues at the FUB Berlin on 25.3.2015. The 10 years old children of the primary Paul-Klee school,  had a 4 hours  interactive lecture on subduction zones and plate interface hazards. Timm explained the children subduction zones, their geodynamic context and the related volcanism, watching short movies and constructing an experimental volcano. Discussion was then focussed on geohazards (where would it be safe to live?), particularly in the presence of subduction-related earthquakes. An interactive day with a lot of “hands on” science and opportunities to realize how science meets society.