OUTREACH  Activities
WHEN (months) WHO (organizers) WHAT(outreach activity) EXPECTED IMPACT
6-48 UG “ZIP website” Reach general public, industry and researchers throughout the world
7-46  ESR  “ZIP newsletter” Dissemination of resultsto the Earth Science community and beyond(every 6 months)
10-40 UGESR  “ZIP Buz” Videos showing the work in progress and emphasizing the considerable gain of such overarching networks in promoting intersectoral and supradisciplinary science
10-48 GFZCNRS  “Subduction creep” Live Monitoring from the Chile IPOC- LIA observatories& participative science in detecting creep signals and earthquake events
26-40 ESR  “School Ambassadors” Reach schools, generate interest in Geology, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth and Modelling
3-48  ALL “ZIPPOs” : ZIP Public Outreachs (at Univ., Companies,…) Reach the general public,  develop understanding and awareness of risk-prone subduction zones(ie tsunamis, mega-earthquakes, warning systems,…)
9-29 ESR Publications (in local press) Promote science and interestfor the Earth we are living in
21-33-45 ALL “UNZIP”: U need to zoom in between plates Yearly dissemination at UPMC and other partners(e.g., for UPMC: Fête de la Science, Sciences à cœur)
26-28 ER “ZIPADs for IPads” Provide Teaching material and simple applications for school teachers, industrial partners
10-40 ALL “ZIP for Europe” Web-based material promoting European science and European efforts for a safer world
45 UPMC “ZIP exhibition” Nat. Hist. Museum Paris Promote ZIP fellows research in Earth dynamics to a wider audience in a prestigious Exhibition hall



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