Post-Docs (ER)

ER1LIangZhengER 1 Liang Zheng
Nationality China
Main host institution ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Academic background I hold a Ph.D. degree in solid geophysics from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Expertise I have a rich experience in developing numerical softwares for geodynamic modeling using many-core devices.
Project Developing testable numerical models for fluid/melt transport / Methods: numerical modelling, rheology, thermodynamics and kinetics of fluid/melt-rock interactions.

Zheng, L., Zhang, H., Gerya, T., Knepley, M., Yuen, D. A., Shi, Y. (2014): Implementation of a multigrid solver on a GPU for Stokes equations with strongly variable viscosity based on Matlab and CUDA. International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 28(1), 50-60.
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ER2RuhJonasER 2 Jonas Ruh
Nationality Swiss
Main host institution UPMC Paris, France
Academic background Bsc/Msc in geology and geochemistry. Doctor of Science, ETH in Structural Geology and Tectonics Group with JP Burg
Expertise- I am a structural geologist combining numerical modelling with geological field observations to investigate the mechanics and dynamics of large-scale tectonic processes.
Project Model complex mixing processes at the plate interface at high spatial (from outcrop to regional scale) and temporal resolution, using 2D and 3D numerical codes. Rheological, geodynamical, geochemical and seismological implications will be tested against constraints from structural, petrological, geochemical and seismic data.

Selected publications
Ruh, J.B., Le Pourhiet, L., Agard, A., Burov, G. and Gerya, T. (2015): Tectonic slicing of subducting oceanic crust along plate interfaces: numerical modelling, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst.
Ruh, J.B., Hirt, A., Mohammadi, A. and Burg, J.-P. (2014): Folding history of the Zagros Simply Folded Belt constrained from magnetostratigraphy, Tectonics, 33 (8), 1534-1551.
Ruh, J.B., Kaus, B. and Burg, J.-P. (2012): Numerical investigation of deformation mechanics in fold-and-thrust belts: Influence of rheology of single and multiple décollements, Tectonics, 31.

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