Job Offers


ESR1 — Tracing trajectories and geochemical evolution of subducted oceanic lithosphere   [WP1]

Supervisors: Scambelluri (UG) /Mezger(GFZ)

Objectives: Characterization of rock diversity on the subduction interface at all scales / Methods: field mapping; petrological/geochemical characterization of rocks/minerals by SEM, microprobe, ICP-MS laser ablation and TIMS; geochemical modelling of fluid/rock exchange, element partitioning and fractionation

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ESR2 — Imaging and characterizing deformation patterns on plate interfaces   [WP1]

Supervisors: Oncken (GFZ)  /Agard (UPMC)

Objectives: Petrophysical properties, fluid circulations, permeability estimates / Methods: seismic tomography, field mapping, models of fault slip, pore elastic deformation, viscous response and thermo-mechanical processes

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ESR3 — Monitoring of the subduction interface by GPS and InSAR   [WP1]

Supervisors: Vigny (CNRS)  /Moreno(GFZ)

Objectives: Correlation of geodetic/geophysical and petrological/petrophysical data / Methods: integration from high-end, dense monitoring networks (LIA and IPOC observatories, Chile) across a fully continental upper plate with continuous GPS stations, seismological stations, tilt meters, geodetic benchmarks.

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ESR4 — High resolution imaging of the subduction interface using microseismicity   [WP1]

Supervisors: Meier (CAU)  /REPSOL

Objectives: Transients and microseismicity (v. space/time and the seismic cycle) / Methods: seismology, data processing of clusters of highly similar microseismic events

This position has been filled.


ESR5 — Structure and physical properties of the subduction plate boundary  [WP1]

Supervisors: Ranero (CSIC) /REPSOL

Objectives: Seismological and physical nature of the interplate boundary / Methods: processing and numerical modelling of marine seismic data, combined seismic and gravity modeling

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ESR6 —Non-lithostatic fluid (thermo)dynamics of subduction interface dehydration reactions  [WP2]

Supervisors: Garrido (CSIC)  /Connolly(ETH)

Objectives: Numerical modeling of dehydration reactions within thermo-mechanical models / Methods: field mapping, petrology, geochemistry, thermodynamic modelling

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ESR7 — Fluid liberation from the down-going slab: chemistry and fluid pathways  [WP2]

Supervisors: Pettke (UB) /THERMOFISHER

Objectives: Fluid/mass transfer and source contributions through space and time / Methods: link careful petrography with bulk rock and in-situ geochemistry (XRF, ICP-MS, TIMS, LA-ICP-MS, SIMS) of trace elements and isotopes, fluid characterization

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ESR8 — Time scales of deformation and fluid-mediated interactions along the plate interface  [WP2]

Supervisors: John (FUB)  /Agard (UPMC)

Objectives: Links between fluid flow patterns and rock chemical-petrophysical changes / Methods: tectonics, field mapping, metamorphic petrology, fluids, chemical gradients, diffusion modelling, geochronology

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ESR9 — Experimental-numerical constraints on the rheological impact of metamorphic reactions   [WP3]

Supervisors: Schubnel (CNRS) /John (FUB)

Objectives: Testing the rheological impact of metamorphic reactions / Methods: experimental rheology, fluid-rock experiments, modelling. Linked to ESRs 2, 3 and 10 and to ER2

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ESR10 — Paleoseismicity (pseudotachylites, eclogite breccia): from the field to experiments

Supervisors: Verlaguet (UPMC)  /Federico(UG)

Objectives: Rock deformation experiments at HP-HT and ongoing fluid release / Methods: field mapping, tectonics, petrology, rheology

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ESR11 — Big or small quakes along the subduction interface: impact on natural hazard   [WP3]

Supervisors: Papadopoulos (NOA)  /Weidle(CAU)

Objectives: Post-seismic deformation and hazard after large earthquakes / Methods: modelling of seismic instabilities

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ESR12 — Rheological timescales, from geodynamics to the seismic cycle   [WP3]

Supervisors: Gerya (ETH)  /LePourhiet (UPMC)

Objectives: Upscaling the rheological behavior of the plate interface versus depth and time through numercial models / Methods: numerical modelling, rheology, seismology

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ER1 — Physics of multiscale fluid-melt migration across the deforming subduction interface   [WP3]

Supervisors: May (ETH) /AF CONSULT

Objectives: Testable numerical models for fluid/melt transport / Methods: numerical modelling, rheology, thermodynamics and kinetics of fluid/melt-rock interactions

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ER2 — Impact of composite rheologies for mixing processes at the plate interface    [WP2]

Supervisors: Burov (UPMC)  /Sallares(CSIC)

Objectives: Rheological/geodynamical/geochemical/seismological/2D-3D numerical thermomechanical / Methods: modelling, mechanical mixing

This position had been filled.