Big or small quakes along the subduction interface: impact on natural hazard

PhD position in “Big or small quakes along the subduction interface: impact on natural hazard”

Main host institution: NOA Athens

Secondement Institution: CAU

The Institute of Geodynamics at the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), Athens, Greece, seeks to appoint a PhD student in “Big or small earthquakes along the subduction interface: impact on natural hazard”. The successful applicant will join an earthquake and tsunami research team and work in a multi-disciplinary environment in close collaboration with Research Director Dr Gerassimos A. Papadopoulos and other team members.

The main focus of the research is to determine the potential for the generation of large tsunamigenic earthquakes in active subduction zones taking the Hellenic arc and trench system, east Mediterranean basin, as an example. The methodology may (1) combine seismological observations (e.g. extent of the rupture area; updip and downdip limit of the seismogenic zone in historical, tsunamigenic portions of the Hellenic subduction interface) with models of the seismic cycle, and (2) use stick–slip frictional instabilities around the inter-plate boundary and of the inter-plate geometry to better understand the inter-relationships between seismic rupture, elastic properties of the subducting and overriding plates and megaearthquake generation, in close coordination with PhD’s of ESRs 4, 5 and 12 of ZIP project.

Candidates must hold an MSc in Earth Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Physics or a related discipline. Experience in geodynamics, earthquake rupture dynamics, numerical modelling and programming languages is highly advantageous.

NOA, established in 1843, runs the national seismograph system of the country and is situated in a quite pleasant green spot of the very historical area of Athens. During his/her PhD, the candidate will collaborate also with Dr C. Weidle at the secondement institution Christian-Albrechts University (CAU), Kiel, Germany.

For further information, please contact Dr G.A. Papadopoulos ( or Dr C. Weidle (

Starting date is expected between January and May 2014.

New deadline to apply: Nov, 13th 2013.