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SIP: the ZIP Final conference

SIP: An international conference zooming on the subducting plate interface

The Subduction Interface Processes – SIP – Conference (Barcelona, April 18-21, 2017) was organized in the frame of ZIP, with contribution by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) through the Barcelona Centre for Subsurface Imaging (Barcelona- CSI). It was a very pleasant, successful meeting at the Hotel Rey Don Jaime, Castelldefels (Barcelona). The Conference aimed at bridging the gap between the various Earth Science communities and enhancing future collaborations on subduction processes. Contributions across different disciplines included surface processes, structural geology and geodynamics, petrology, rheology, geochemistry, geophysics and numerical modelling. Keynote presentations introduced each session theme, which ended with general discussion. The invited keynote speakers and leaders of the final discussions included S. Kodaira, L. Mc Neill, D. Fischer, J.M. Nocquet, S. Sobolev, K. Wang, A. Schubnel, H. Raimbourg, G. Abers and H. Marschall.