2nd European Mineralogical Conference (Rimini, Italy 11 – 15 September 2016) Minerals, rocks and fluids: alphabet and words of planet Earth

Dear Colleagues,

the Second European Mineralogical Conference will be held in Rimini, Italy, from 11 to 15 September, 2016. The Registration and Call for Abstracts are now open at the address http://emc2016.socminpet.it
The conference is organized on 16 themes with 42 thematic sessions. We would like to draw your attention on the following session:

Click on the image to open the EMC 2016 flyer

Click on the image to open the EMC 2016 flyer

P7 Fluids and melts in the subduction factory: genesis and implications

Subduction zones are active geodynamic environments enabling crustal recycing into the mantle and generating new continental crust. Of particular importance is the slab-mantle wedge system at 40-200 km depth. It is increasingly recognized that subduction materials are modified in this region by metamorphism, metasomatism and mechanical mixing with vast implications for the physico-chemical state of subduction zones. At the plate-interface of subduction zones, fluids, melts and rocks derived from subducting lithosphere interact with depleted mantle in a region of strong chemical and physical gradients. These interactions mediate planetary-scale volatile cycling, produce arc magmas and continental crust and yield modified subducted lithosphere and mantle-wedge peridotites whose chemical signals may persist in the deep Earth for billions of years. We welcome all contributions from geochemistry, petrology, experimental, modeling and field studies that address the major processes operating in the subduction system through geologic time from trenches to depths of ~100 km and beyond.

Deadline for abstract submission is May 9

We look forward to attract your interest and see many of you at the session

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Jörg Hermann, Timm John and Marco Scambelluri (contact: marco.scambelluri@dipteris.unige.it)