ZIP project is a collaborative research and training project funded by the European Community: 12 PhD and 2 postdoctoral fellows are involved in ZIP, in a network comprising twelve leading international universities, research centers and nine industrial partners.

Tectonic plates sinking over millions of years? Megaearth-quakes & tsunamis? Global fluxes of elements?… How do stresses and energy release, via earth-quakes and fluid-mediated mass transfer, interact on such varied spatial and temporal scales (from 10-4 to 106-7 yr)? Time to ZIP (Zoom In between Plates), into the subduction plate interface!


Newsletter 2 online

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After the starting gun, the ZIP group has successfully jumped the first hurdles. All fellows but one are now hired, settled in the partner institutions and working on their projects. The first data and ideas start circulating. Between May and October we hired one more ESR fellow: Gian Maria Bocchini (ESR11, Italian), based at NOA in Athens and already well integrated. We welcome him and wish him a good work. ESR2 based at GFZ in Potsdam is still to start due to administrative issues.

This second issue of the ZIP Newsletter reports on events organized in the last six months: the ZIP Starter 1 field excursion on the Alps, Italy July 8-17 (WP4.2); the Short Course on transferable skills, Paris September 15-19 (WP6.1); the Short Course on Numerical Modeling, Athens October 6-12 (WP5.1); the Second ZIP Annual Meeting, Athens October 13-14 (WP7.1).